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At Fairhall Zhang, we have incorporated the following safeguards to ensure your privacy is protected:

We require each staff member to sign and witness a document respecting confidentiality which prohibits them from divulging either the identity of our clients, or any details of any nature whatever regarding them and their affairs, except for the normal discourse between individuals within the firm in the course of providing our service to our clients.

We do not disclose any information about our clients to anyone, except in prescribed form and in prescribed manner, in order to comply with income tax laws, and with the express permission of our clients to do so. In some situations, we may need to discuss private financial information with third parties, such as bankers, lawyers, or officials of the Canada Revenue Agency. In all cases, such discussions do not take place without prior consent from the client involved.

We maintain a fully monitored alarm system after business hours. The premises are locked to the outside at all times, except during business hours when responsible personnel are in attendance. All portable computers are password protected to ensure no unauthorized access, in the event of theft.

Physical Security
Our computers are physically locked down, and our file servers are backed up daily. Unauthorized access to our computer records is prevented through a firewall which entirely blocks access to our system from outside. Internal network access is restricted to authorized employees who possess the required passwords.

We retain personal information for as long as required pursuant to the record-keeping requirements of the various governmental authorities, including the Canada Revenue Agency.

Proper Disposal
All papers and documents which are disposed of from our offices are shredded.

Please feel free to enquire about our privacy policies at any time.

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